Over 4 million people are saving time and money with ZipList. A big thanks to everyone!

Take your ZipList shopping list, grocery deals and recipe box with you wherever you go. Add to and organize your list, share lists with family members or friends and scan barcodes to add items you need for the week. Your trip to the grocery store becomes easier as sort your list by grocery aisle and check off items added to your cart.

The app automatically syncs so you’ve always got an up-to-date grocery list and recipe box whether you are using the app, visiting, on any one of our 1,000 partner sites, on an iPhone or through text messages.

ZipList has more than 275,000 items in its product database, making it easy to add what you need to your list while on-the-go – without having to type in full product names. In many cases, enter just three or four letters and the desired products will pop up.

Or, use the barcode feature to scan product UPC codes to add items to your list. ZipList recognizes barcodes for millions of items, even store brands, making it simple to create a grocery list in minutes. ZipList is smart too – it automatically categorizes items you add to your list, helping to speed shopping while you are in the store.

Not sure what to make for dinner? Search 1,000,000s of recipes and add the ingredients to your shopping list with just a click. Add your favorites to ZipList’s Universal Recipe Box to keep all of your must-make recipes in one place for easy access. You can even share recipes with friends using Facebook, Twitter or email.


+ Ability to create and update shopping lists on the go.

+1,000,000s of recipes and one-click add of ingredients to your shopping list, plus a Universal Recipe Box to store all your favorites in one place for easy access

+Share lists with family members. Shared users of your list can use the web, text messages, email or instant messages to add or delete items, or to retrieve your list

+Real-time syncing between the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, as well as, other ZipList apps and any partner website.

+Supports multiple stores, allowing you to organize your lists in aisle-by-aisle order for each store, as well as assign items to specific stores

+Ability to set priorities for specific items, so you can choose to shop for important items only during quick shopping trips

+Intelligent aisle categorization of anything you add, even entries like “2 lg. cans of beans”

+Ability to assign quantity, coupons, notes and other information for each grocery item

+Access to a robust product database of over 275,000 items with real-time search for quick item entry

+Ability to see at-a-glance how many items are on your list by way of a badge that appears on the ZipList app icon.

+Ability to scan product barcodes using the camera built into your iPhone to add specific items to your list (iOS4; 3GS and higher)

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


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