Weather View-2

· Optionally enable ads to support us
· Choose language in settings
· Language updates (minor updates: various languages, major updates: Russian, German, new language: Polish)
· Much improved handling of weather data. Caching data for each place individually (not cleared on switching selected place) and using cache in group view. Old weather data visible while new weather data is downloading.
· Better status info bars, with status icons
· Fixed bug causing settings to sometimes randomly reset (forcing you to re-add the places)
· Live tile preview based on actual weather data if available
· Replaced one of the non-metro live tile images (cloudy) for one that has similar design to all the other ones
· Other bug fixes and graphical adjustments, etc
· (Other internal changes preparing for future updates)
· New contact e-mail

Weather View is a weather application where you quick and easy can see the forecast for up to 10 days. It supports cities and places from all around the world.’s complete database is searchable with over 7 million places. Three different weather forecast views are available plus a meteogram and live tile. The application and live tile can be customized. The weather data is supplied by

Publisher : Mobwerk AB
Download size : 5 MB
Version :
Works with :
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 7.5


Weather View

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