Voice Phone-1 Voice Phone provides voice notifications (voice alerts) for incoming Phone Calls (Caller ID), Text Messages, GMail Email and Clock.
You will find this app very useful in hands-free environments (for example, while driving). You will know who is calling without looking at the phone screen. You can also silence the call by just shaking the phone.
* Reads out caller name or number for incoming calls (Caller ID Voice Notification, Voice Caller ID).
* Reads out text message contents as soon as they arrive.
* Reads out new GMail Emails received.
* Reads out time (Voice Clock).
* Filter voice notifications based on caller type (ALL/ Only Contacts / Only Non Contacts).
* Notifications for calls/texts from Private Numbers.
* Silence voice notifications and ringtone by shaking the phone. (Note: for text message notifications you may need to turn ON the phone screen before shaking)
* Silence ringtone while caller ID notification is enabled. (By default, caller ID voice notification is played over the ringtone)
* Customize the number of times caller ID notification should repeat.
* Caller ID notification during call waiting. Know who is calling even while you are on another call.
* Night Mode : Disables notifications during night hours
If you experience any problem while using this app, kindly contact us by going to the menu in the app and selecting ‘Feedback’.


Voice Phone

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