Unit Converter Pro+-2

What’s heavier? 1 Kilogram or 1 ounce of feathers?
What’s longer? 1 meter or 1 yard of wool?
Which one lasts shorter 1 Julian year or 1 leap-year?

All of us has had problems with conversion of units of measurements. That’s why, we came up with a professional tool, which can be very useful.
Unit Converter Pro+ is an easy to use, user friendly app created by Nokia Poland, which enables you to convert:
• Temperature
• Length
• Volume
• Mass
• Velocity
• Quantity
• Surface
• Time
• Power
• Data capacity
• Pressure
• Energy
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Publisher : Wunderman Polska
Download size : 2 MB
Version :
Works with :
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 7.5


Unit Converter Pro+

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