My Notes-2

Simply the best note taking app for Windows Phone.  Quickly and easily create, edit and have quick access to all your notes.

Now with support for due dates, alarms and locking individual notes plus new features continually added!

• Designed to be super fast, to get into a note, make updates and get out quickly
• Backup and restore notes using SkyDrive
• Password support to lock the whole app or just individual notes
• Customizable note list, including showing creation and last updated date time and the size of the font
• Customizable background color, font color and images
• Unlimited categories can be added and can be expanded or collapsed on the note list
• Note list can be sorted alphabetically, oldest or newest first, by creation date or by last modified date
• Supports pinning live note tiles to your home screen with note details on the tile
• Selecting a live note tile takes you directly to that note
• Notes are auto saved, don’t worry if you get interrupted while writing a note
• Text message or send a note via email
• Add a due to date to a note and set reminder alarms
• Have your notes audibly read to you with Windows Phone 8 text to speech
• Use your own voice to dictate speech to text, allows hands free note creation on Windows Phone 8

Release 1.18
• Note being audibly read will now stop when you hit the back button
• New setting to turn landscape rotation off so notes stay in portrait mode
• New setting to disable speech dictation reading back confirmation
• New setting to choose font size for dates that show up in note list

Works with :
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 7.5


My Notes

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