Maluuba - Siri Alternative-2

Maluuba – Siri alternative and superior voice assistant app for your Android device.
– Quoted by PCMAG to be “Siri (and then some) for Android”.
– 100% Free and Fast with a Smooth operation.
– Popular features: Searching for Restaurants, Calling Contacts, Setting Reminders, Asking for Movie Showtimes and Playing Music

– NEW: Stay up to date with the score of the latest NBA, NHL and MLB games!
– NEW: Find out when your favorite TV shows are playing on your cable provider! (Currently only for North America)
– Use our custom Widget to ask Maluuba for help straight from your home screen
– Hungry? Search for restaurants with Maluuba with questions like “Where can I get a cheeseburger?”
– Get directions to places you’re looking for
– Shop in Maluuba with queries like “Show me some great skirts that cost around $50″
– Ask for movie showtimes and watch trailers through the app
– Set Reminders easily! E.g. “Remind me to buy milk on Tuesday at 8pm”
– Create Alarms through voice like ‘Wake me up tomorrow at 8am’
– Ask general, knowledge questions and get exact results
– Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
– Ask queries like ‘where can I get a toothbrush?” or ‘where can I practice yoga?”
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Maluuba – Siri Alternative

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