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This is a secure password protected vault for your photos that uses an album interface very similar to your Picture Hub.

If you’re looking for completely hiding or cloaking your data behind a decoy app then try out ‘Unit Converter’ from the same publisher.

This is the best free app in its class on the marketplace in terms of simplicity, and balance of speed and security.

Unlike other similar apps with bells and whistles, we properly put security and privacy first:
– Encryption: Other apps store photos as they are behind a password screen. We automatically do full encryption making it practically impossible to hack your photos.
– Network access is only used for retrieving ads.
– Panic Lock on every screen.

Album (or Folder) Management:
– Nested Albums
– Multi Import Album/Picture from your Picture Hub
– Multi Export to Saved Images of your Picture Hub
– Multi Album/Picture Delete and Move
– Album names are optional
– Lock/Hide (i.e. Encrypt/Decrypt) root albums
– Fast and responsive navigation

Image Gallery Viewer:
– Flick to navigate photos
– Fastest Pinch to Zoom
– Slideshow

Typical uses:
– Safety: Keep your sensitive photos safe from your children.
– Privacy: like when faced with someone asking to borrow your phone.
– Secrecy: Keep a stash of your top secret photos.
– Convenience: Keep a scanned copy of your classified documents.

Use the faq & links inside the app for support, version history and suggestions.

Publisher : Fadi Mourani
Download size : 1 MB
Works with :
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 7.5


Lock & Hide

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