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Lightning Launcher is a speedy, lightweight and fully customizable home screen replacement for Android.
Message for 5+ users: please uninstall the deprecated setup tool, otherwise you will end up with two icons when installing a new app. Anyway, the list of app can be reloaded through the corresponding menu option from the App Drawer.
Main features:
– wide variety of layout modes: grid, single columns, horizontal, vertical, free positioning,…
– unlimited visual customization: change labels, icons, fonts, colors, alignment, sizes, and so on.
– innovative concept: your home screen is like an unlimited surface where apps and widgets can be placed anywhere, anyhow
– up to 100 pages, but you won’t need that much, will you ? ;-)
– each item (app, shortcut, widget,…) can be individually customized, scaled, rotate, either to improve readability, or gain some precious pixels in a tight layout, or just for the fun of it.
– support for sophisticated folders, able to contains widgets and even other folders for complex organization. Each folder can be entirely customized, from the layout to the visual theme.
– support for configurable keys and gestures: bind your preferred action on your preferred key, launch a custom app upon swipe
– built from scratch and from the ground to be the most power efficient and the most RAM saving. The more memory you have for your apps, the faster they will run, and the longer your battery life will be.

Plus, Lightning Launcher is free, has no ad, does not need internet permission nor root access. There is no full/pro/prime or HD version. All the Lightning power is right here and available in a single, very small and terribly efficient package. Still you may want to have a look at the extra apps. Purchasing one of these apps will bring you some more luxury features. This will also help with keeping this app alive… as well as its developer who is willing to make of this app the best launcher ever.
All comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Comments on the app store are difficult to use, please email your question/bug to me at
Lightning Launcher: your home screen, your own style !
Enjoy !
– CALL_PHONE: needed for direct call shortcuts, this permission is required in all launchers that support contact shortcuts. LL won’t call anybody in your behalf.
– EXPAND_STATUS_BAR: as its name says, used for the “Show status bar” action.
– SET_WALLPAPER_HINTS: used to set the wallpaper dimension
– no other permission needed !


Lightning Launcher Home

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