HCL Launcher-2

Get 3.2 on any Android device with Honeycomb Launcher!
What is Honeycomb Launcher?
Honeycomb Launcher is a launcher, or home replacement app, for Android devices that will replicate Honeycomb 3.2 to its limit! Of course we cant make Honeycomb Launcher perfectly replicate Honeycomb 3.2, but we can make the launcher look pretty close to the real thing. You will be surprised how much different your device will look and act while using Honeycomb Launcher!
What are the main features of Honeycomb Launcher?
– Clones Honeycomb 3.0 – 3.2+
– Extremely Fast and Smooth Scrolling (When properly set up)
– Honeycomb Wallpaper Chooser
– Hide Notification Bar (Gesture/Swipe up)
– Honeycomb Settings
– Honeycomb Quick-Menu
– Honeycomb Google Search Bar
– Honeycomb Styled Lock Screen – Ripple Lock (Pending)
– 7 Honeycomb clock widgets pre-installed
– Quick-Action Menu with Quick-Launch
– Hide Labels (Under Launcher Settings in Honeycomb Settings)
– Tutorials and Help
– Supports all sources of wallpapers (e.g. Cyanogenmod, gallery)
– Supports Live Wallpapers (All sources)
– Scrollable Widgets (HTC)
– Re-Sizable Widgets
– Nightly Updates and Builds
– And much more to come!?

HCL Launcher

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