Best Menu

Best Menu – all about improving your phone as a Smart Phone. Organise and instantly access phone numbers, contacts, emails, documents. Insert predefined text templates into any application, create and execute macros that can automate a long list of actions you need to do to accomplish one task, Type & Go functionality, integrated call log and many more other functions to explore.

How to start

Best Menu consists of two main modules: a Configuration application and a Service module.
When you activate the service you can access its functionality anytime in any application by pressing and holding [YES] key (also called as green key, dial key) for more than 1 sec.

If you make normal press of [YES] key the default action will be performed (e.g. accept call, dial some number from some application, etc). If [YES] is pressed and holded for more than 1 second the Best Menu service will pop up.
When the Best Menu service is activated there is no need to keep the configuration application opened. You can close it not to waste your device memory.


Best Menu

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