An innovation Android APK anti-virus protection software, it can scan the installed software and real-time monitoring of suspicious programs. With the innovative source code analysis technology, it will understand the behavior of software operation more effectively. Update the definition database from Internet. Keep the safe for your mobile device!
Software features:
(1) NO AD, Free Software
(2) Scan the single app or all the installed apps
(3) Customize the protection level to match your favor (Normal, High, Personal Information Protection)
(4) Lists the high-risk program (High sensitivity permissions)
(5) Advertising (AD) program scanner
(6) Real-time monitoring : scan after installing the software immediately
(7) You can update the protection definition database via Internet
(8) Innovative source code analysis, to understand whether the software has done suspicious behavior
(9) Report, application reporting capabilities can improve the reliability of the software

Download - APK Anti-Virus Bodyguard

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