Best Answering Machine

* Ability to set different greetings for contacts, groups and phone numbers;
* Intuitive user interface;
* Playback of messages directly in the application;
* Possibility to define a list of profiles in which the application is active, which allows integration with our Best Profiles for S60 3rd edition software where you can set a schedule for profile switching;

Getting started:

To get started with the application working you have to: adjust settings, set up greetings and activate Best Answering Machine.

To create a new greeting, choose Options – Greetings, there you can set greetings by “Default”, for persons “Not in Contacts” and with “Private Number”, as well as specify particular greetings for a “Contact”, a “Group” or a “Phone number”.

In Settings dialog you can set the following options for Best Answering Machine:

* Greetings – allows setting up the greetings played on pick-up;
* Active in profiles – defines in which profiles the application will pick-up the phone and record messages;
* Storage – allows selecting on which disk the records will be saved;
* Pick up after – sets the time after which the call will be answered;
* Record time – maximum amount of time the message is being recorded;
* Format – message file format (amr,wav);
* Icon – configures the visibility of the icon displaying application activity and presence of new messages; depending on this parameter, can be shown in standby screen only (Phone application) or in any application;
* Play volume – play volume for the greeting;
* Records lifetime – automatically removes old messages;


In this view you can listen to new and old messages, delete unnecessary messages, send the recorded messages and call the person directly from this view.
During the call:

When Answering Machine is processing an incoming call, you will see a dialog showing the application’s progress with the ability to stop it:

* Answer – when this command is chosen during a call, it stops greeting playback or message record and you can continue talking to the caller;
* Hang up – stops greeting playback or message recording and terminates the call;


Answering Machine

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