some features:
For security reason, the application can only be auto-started at the machine boot-up. Once the application is installed, a user cannot find it anywhere in the “My Own” or “Installed” folders. The main reason for this is that it prevents the phone-picker from un-installing the application and/or finding the existence of the application on the phone if the phone is lost. In order to enter the application, a user has to “dial” a password (which is defined by the application) plus a “#” character in the active idle screen. The default password is “123456, which means, if a user wants to enter the application, the user needs to input the following character sequence in the active idle screen (like the way a user gets the IMEI number): 123456#

Once the user has entered the application, the user has the freedom to change the password to any other ones (which consists of numeric numbers from “0? to “9?). Then length of the password should be no less than 6, and the maximum length is 10.

NOTE: Since it only accepts keys when “Phone” application is in the foreground (idle screen), it is strongly recommended pressing any of the keys to bring up the dialog for inputting phone number first, then key in the password. The following key input sequence is accepted:
1123456# or
if the password is “123456, Only the last few digits are compared with the saved password in the application.


Advanced Security

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