Featured Unit Converter

Free Unit Converter Mobile Download

Zyksa Unit Converter now with Currency conversion (160+ world currencies) is a quick, easy and powerful tool for converting 23 various Categories.
Zyksa Unit converter can convert different units of measure viz. Acceleration, Angle, Area, Currency, Current/Electric Current, Data or Bits & Bytes, Density, Energy, Force, Fuel consumption, Frequency, Length, Light-Illumination, Light-Luminance, Power, Pressure, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume, Weight/Mass.
Currency converter with real time live exchange rates.
* Unique & User Friendly User Interface
* Supports over 49302 conversions across 23 categories
* Converts as you type i.e. Instant conversion (no “Convert” button to press)
* Stores and gives the previously calculated values in the Same Category
* Quick list function to see a list of all conversions for a unit type
* All major world currencies are supported with live conversion rates
* Easy to use swap function for a given unit of measure
* Calculator: For Direct Arithmetic Calculations
* Memorizes your last inputs category used
* Add Favorite categories on top
* Round based on decimal places
* Support for Tablets(portrait mode)
* Move to SD card.
Ad free version with 75 + categories of Unit Converter Pro is now available on the market.
Please dont forget to provide us your valuable reviews and suggestions. It helps us to improve. RateIt on the Android Market.
Disclaimer: The data collected for currency conversion is provided free of charge for informational purposes only, with no guarantee of whatsoever for accuracy, validity, availability, or fitness for any purpose. Use at your own risk. Its a ON DEMAND feature and does not run in the background.

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Featured Battery HD Free Live Wallpaper

Free Battery HD Free Live Wallpaper Mobile Download

Battery HD Free is the most original LiveWP that show important info of battery
Battery HD Free is the most cool , original and usefull Live Wallpaper that show important infos of your device’s battery , like percentage(More in the “PRO HD” version).
Search in the market for “My Battery PRO HD” for full and cool features(Ver. 2.0 NEW!!! option for full battery infos!). Now with “MOVE TO SD” OPTION
Main features :
1) Always active in backgound in every pages of your device
2) Show the charge percentual with a graph liquid
3) Show the charge percentual with Percentage value (0-100%)
4) Text Color customizable.
5) Supplementary Animation during the charging.
6) Green-Orange-Red smile faces indicating the health of the battery
7) Warning message in case of Low battery.
8*) Show the battery temperature with a colored thermometer and number value.
9*) Full Liquid colors customizable.
10*) Warning message in case of High Temp Battery
11*) NEW!!! option for full battery infos!

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Featured TWC WiFi Finder

Free TWC WiFi Finder Mobile Download

The free TWC WiFi Finder app makes it easy to locate and connect to thousands of TWC WiFi™ and CableWiFi™ Hotspots across the country so you can get fast, reliable internet on the go. Access to TWC WiFi and CableWiFi hotspots is FREE for subscribers of TWC Standard Internet or above and Business Class Internet customers. Not a customer? No worries. Look for free trial and Access Pass options on the TWCWiFi network name.

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Featured Basketball Shots 3D

Free Basketball Shots 3D Mobile Download

The best basketball game for Android!
Score 25 shots from 5 positions in under 60 seconds! Enjoy 3D graphics, realistic physics and addictive gameplay. Shoot the ball with your finger, challenge your friends and earn coins.
PREMIUM AD-FREE version is also available. Tap “View more” below to download it.
TOO EASY? Try increasing the difficulty!
Basketball Shots 3D features 4 difficulty levels, live leaderboards, unlockable achievements and online challenges!
Adding over 300 000 new players every month!
ALL security permissions are explained on the game’s web page.
If you’re running CM and the game asks for root, ignore it (don’t grant root) – it’s just a glitch and the game doesn’t ever need it.

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Settings – iPhone Style

Free Settings – iPhone Style Mobile Download

Settings is iPhone style quick-setting app.
Major feature:
– Support turn on/off Airplane Mode
– Support wifi on/off
– Support rotation on/off
– Support adjust Media Volume, Ringtone Volume
– Support data connection(2G/3G) on/off
– Support volume silent
– Support turn on/off Auto-Brightness
– Support adjust Brightness
– Support Link to application settings, wallpaper settings, system settings
– Support Hi Dev Studio Bundles Key

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Talking Clock Widgets


Free Talking Clock Widgets Mobile Download

Clock with 10 beautiful faces.
*** NOW FOR FREE ***
You don’t have to check time on your phone every five minutes, now it will literally tell you what time it is.
Choose from two high quality professionally recorded voices.
Decide how often you would like to be informed about the time or just enjoy our beautiful clock faces.
– Beautiful Widgets
– Seven analogue, two digital and one binary clock
– Speaks the time even during listening to the music
– Two voices: female and male, recorded in studio by professionals
– Two modes: 12h and 24h
– Option to disable “It is” before the time
– Landscape mode without ads

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History Eraser +

Free History Eraser + Mobile Download

History Eraser+ is a easy use tool for erasing app history.
Whether you are worring about your privacy on your phone
Whether your phone’s internal memory is not enough space to install more applications
So, try to History Eraser+, this is the newest and best history erasing tool on the market today, which make your phone more clean, carey your privacy more secure.

. Display historical data on the phone
. View history detail for each
. One Tap to clear the application cache
. One Tap to clear the clipboard
. One Tap to clear the android default browser history
. One Tap to clear Google market History
. One Tap to clear Gmail history
. One Tap to clear Gtalk history
. One Tap to clear history in Google Maps
. One Tap to clear history in Google Earth
. One Tap to clear incoming call log
. One Tap to clear outgoing call log
. One Tap to clear missed call log
. One Tap to clear frequently contacted
. One Tap to delete sent SMS/MMS
. One Tap to delete received SMS/MMS
. One Tap to delete SMS/MMS draft
. One Tap to delete failed SMS/MMS
. Assist to clear Google global search History
. Assist to clear Youtube search History
Similar applications on the market are: History Eraser, HistoryEraser, Market History Manager

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Animation Menu

Free Animation Menu Mobile Download

Make your personal mobile phone
English name: Animation Menu
Software Version: 0.1
Software Author: Love Li

Supported Phones: N81,N78,N79,N85,6220,N96 (all phone that can use the theme animation effects!)

Software Prerequisite: Python platform

Installation instructions:Hack your cell phone and add c2z patch in rompatcher to auto start, as It will make it easier to switch the effect of animation menu! See … you will find that after the original cell phone … so gorgeous!

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One Touch Drawing

Free One Touch Drawing Mobile Download

Draw everything with only “One touch”
Over 12million players can’t be wrong.
Try to enjoy “One touch Drawing”. It’s just free Free One Touch Drawing Mobile Download
The amazing puzzle game of Ecapyc,
“One touch Drawing” is available at Google Play!
You can enjoy all the contents of this game “Freely”!!!
“Brain Training Has Never Been So Fun – Appeggs.com”
“Just one touch, nothing else, more people should be playing – androidzoom”

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